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Our Vision and Mission 

"The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
I believe that it does.
Our children need all of the strong, caring, compassionate adults we can stack around their lives, but if we stop there we have stopped well short of the mark." Bill Grace


Our Mission 

Alston's Village Learning Center LLC strives to provide a program that supports all needs of all families, and we thrive to develop each child's individual goals. Alston's Village Learning Center focus' on each child as an individual and we foster a conductive environment that will promote positive self-esteem. We provide unique hours of operation to support the demanding needs of the work force. Our goal is to provide high quality education, childcare, family support and relationships that you can count on, and to stay dedicated to our children's early educational experience.


Our Vision

The goals of Alston's Village Learning Center are:

*To nurture each child's individual potential to it's highest level.

*To maintain support for families and to form strong relationships with them.

*To support families with non-traditional work schedules.

*To provide excellent childcare

*To foster an environment that is nurturing, professional and diverse.

*To promote professional and education growth for our employees.

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